Wordpress theme boilerplate to make your themes from scratch

I found myself writing the same starter wordpress theme time and time again, so I decided to create this simple boilerplate to help reduce the time required when starting a new wordpress theme. This will give you the basic files and structure of the theme.

How to take full-page screenshot in Chrome without extensions

Did you know you can take screenshots of web pages inside Google Chrome without any extension, if you didn’t, heres how!

10 Must have Mac Apps

There’s no lack of helpful, interesting apps for the Mac, but some of them you just can’t live without. These are some of the productivity apps that I can’t live without. Whether you are new to macOS or not, you need to have these apps because .. why not? most of them are free.

My Php Skeleton/boilerplate to make small scale apps from scratch

Logo of the project

Top Most Useful Atom Packages

I have recently switched from Sublime Text 3 to using Atom & I have fallen in love with it. Atom is a hackable text editor made by GitHub which has many advantages and is free to use.