Logo of the project


A basic php project starter kit

I found myself writing the same project boilerplate time and time again. As Web Developers our main goal is to do as little work as possible. So I decided to create this simple boilerplate to help reduce the time required when starting a new piece of code. This will give you the basic files, and will let you develop small apps easily.

Installing / Getting started

Download/clone the boilerplate from my github repo

git clone https://github.com/dhwlm/php-skeleton.git your-project-name

This will create a folder with ‘your-project-name’ and the boilerplate files inside it. Then edit the config.php file to set your own project meta information.



For now, I’ve included Bootstrap CSS, Bootstrap Theme, Bootstrap JS, FontAwesome & jQuery.


This PHP Skeleton/Boilerplate has been made taking in consideration my personal usage and also it is in active development. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions that will help me to enhance this project.


Released under MIT License :p

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