Wordpress theme boilerplate to make your themes from scratch

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I found myself writing the same starter wordpress theme time and time again, so I decided to create this simple boilerplate to help reduce the time required when starting a new wordpress theme. This will give you the basic files and structure of the theme.

Installing / Getting started

Download/clone the boilerplate theme from my github repo

git clone https://github.com/dhwlm/wordpress-theme-boilerplate.git your-theme-name

This will create a folder with ‘your-theme-name’ and the boilerplate files inside it. You can then choose this theme from the wordpress admin panel.


Folder Structure

|-- assets
  |-- css
    |-- admin.css
    |-- theme.css
|-- inc
  |-- customizer
    |-- logo-customizer.php
  |-- limit-login-attempts.php
  |-- rebranding.php
  |-- remove-junk.php
|-- footer.php
|-- functions.php
|-- header.php
|-- index.php
|-- README.md
|-- single.php
|-- style.css

File Usage/Explaination

admin.css: write admin panel/login screen specific css

theme.css: this file contains basic 12 grid layout by bootstrap and some classes like text-center, clearfix, xs,ms,md,lg-hidden etc

logo-customizer.php: adds option in wordpress customizer to upload logo

limit-login-attempts.php: limits login attempts after 3 failed logins and blocks the user for 5mins. Time can be changed in this file.

rebranding.php: contains code to rebrand the admin panel and include admin.css

remove-junk.php: removes junk css, js etc files which wordpress adds by default. Also removes jquery migrate and disable admin bar on the frontpage when logged in

style.css: contains basic css and reset and global elements styles eg. .btn etc

Post Installing

Certain Folders & files that are required are theme specific. Please follow this checklist to complete the basic theme folder

  • Add/include screenshot.png inside the theme folder (this will give the preview of the theme in the admin panel)
  • Create template-parts/ folder (add all the reusable template parts inside this folder)
  • Create page-templates/ folder (add all the page templates inside this folder)
  • Create img/ folder inside assets folder which will contain layout/ & content/ as subfolder
    • add layout specific images to layout folder & content specific images to content Folder
    • use css background-image property for layout specific images
    • use <img src> tag for content specific images
  • Remaining js, fonts, etc folders should be created inside assets/ folder
  • Any functional php files should be added inside inc/ folder. If need be, use subfolders to organize files related to specific functions
    • eg: widgets related files should all go inside inc/widgets with file name -> footer-widget.php
  • Keep your functions.php file clean by using includes

About the Author

This Wordpress Theme boilerplate is created and maintained by Dhawal Mehta.


This Wordpress Theme boilerplate has been made taking in consideration my personal usage and also it is in active development. I would appreciate any suggestions that will help me to enhance this project.


MIT license

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